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How About A Robot Friend?

If you had to choose, which one would you pick?

Are you better off as a recluse, or will you make a robot your friend? What would you choose? If you are an introvert, both options may make you happy. If you are an ambivert, choosing a robot would not be a bad idea, either. But you may probably laugh at the idea of having a robot as a friend thinking it can’t be real.

What if someone told you it is 2021 and you can have a robot for everything, even as a friend would you believe it?

It is about time you believe what is coming up next for you because it will be mind-boggling!

Social robots are about to change how every person communicates and feels about other people. 

Would You Choose A Human Friend Or A Robot Friend?

Social robots are exactly what the name says.

Social robots are the new home robots that are designed to interact with humans and work as companions for us. Engineers are working on developing the ‘emotional’ aspect in social robots. For us, it means that social robots will be able to understand our emotions and also stir feelings in us at the same time.

For now, social robots are manufactured for one-to-one interaction on a large scale such as malls to communicate with people and help them sort out their troubles.

But the question is, is it really a necessity to have social robots amongst us?

Scientists have different beliefs, and they tend to develop robots that will understand us in depth. It means humans will be able to share themselves with an emotion-sensitive robot. They will work as your friends.

And even though a good number of people would have a robot as their friend, a large number of people may have their doubts that they would ditch their human friends with social robots who would show them fake emotions.

How Can A Robot Become Your Friend?

Social robots are installed with high-tech algorithms to be able to comprehend complex human behavior and emotions. They will take part in conversations and grasp human emotions to respond accordingly.

It is hard to believe that robots can come with such high intellect levels. They will be able to console us, make us happy, and support us during hard times just how a good friend would.

However, many researchers are calling it ethically inappropriate because everything is fake and is designed in such a way that can comfort a human but that is it.

Final Word

We already have a few examples of humanoid robots in the past that took care of humans. Those are Nao Robot and Paro who act just like humans to make us feel we are speaking with a true human friend. And these social robots only seem to be progressing given how the social robot market has skyrocketed in the past few years.