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Socialize With A Social Robot

Imagine you are going to a pub, as you enter you only find robots swarming the place. What would your reaction be? Surprised?

Anyway, brace yourselves because this is about to come true.

Several robot companies around the world have taken up the tasks to create robots that act and feel just like humans. Even though it sounds intriguing and hard to believe, it is true. We already have some version of humanoid robots amongst us.

You must have heard of Sophie. She is the world’s most humanoid robot at the moment. She is intelligent, has human-like feelings, and can also crack jokes.

Before Sophia, we have had Paro for a long time. He is the robot that takes care of the elderly in old homes.

This makes the world wonder if even more advanced and human-like robots will keep coming. The chances do seem very likely given the fact that technology is booming with every passing year.

How Would Socializing With A Robot Feel?

Scientists are manufacturing robots that may not look exactly like humans, but they will act like humans. When scientists make these kinds of domestic robots, they must have thought about the emotions of real humans or how humans perceive the idea of hanging out with a robot.

Some humans may love the idea, and some may not be fond of it. People who are introverts or people who have been living alone for a long time may become happy after knowing they can finally have someone to chat with without being judged the way humans do.

On the other hand, some may say that no matter how advanced technology gets, technology can’t take over what humans have to offer. They may regard robots as fake and would not like to share themselves with someone who does not have their own intelligence.

This brings us to our next point. Ethics.

What About The Ethical Issues?

Robots do not come with human brains, only human-like emotions. One can argue that whatever these social robots have to say and feel is not real and that they would be lying to humans when interacting with them.

Conversely, scientists say that robots feature the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, and they are not necessarily unethical to hangout with. However, this debate is for the officials, and everyone can make their own judgments.

Final Word

Socializing with a robot may sound cool, but it is still a man-made technology at the end of the day. The bottom line is that it is totally up to you to choose to go out with a robot or a friend. However, do bear in mind that we will see a lot of robots around us in the future.