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A Bot In The Kitchen?!

If the question of what to cook today still haunts you, you need to read about this latest technology the world is talking about.

What if someone tells you that you don’t have to cook anymore and that meals will come to you on their own? Sounds like a dream, isn’t it?

Let’s pop your bubble and bring you back to the real world.

It is absolutely true that you can now have freshly-cooked lunch right in front of you without raising a finger. This dream has finally come true because of Moley.

Moley is the new kitchen robot that twirls its spatula and does its magic in the kitchen to bring you a brand new meal. It seems crazy, but it is not.

Will A Robot Cook For Us?

By the looks of how machines, robots, and technology are marching on new paths of excellent discoveries and innovations, we can now safely say that it is not impossible for scientists to come up with a robot that can cook for us just the way human cooks in the kitchen.

Moley Robotics is the brain behind this milestone. They have designed astounding mechanisms in their robot that not only cooks a meal but also cleans the kitchen after doing its job.

Imagine all the workload shed off the shoulders of a human, and you come back home to this amazing aroma of freshly baked pasta.

All your worries will disappear if you have a kitchen bot like Moley who gives every human the freedom to sit back and relax. It is a huge mental and physical relief provided to us by this company that is based in the UK.

What Does The Future Hold?

For now, the company says they have at least a 1000 orders for their Moley robot. It means 1000 buyers are already convinced they need a robot just like Moley so they can finally relieve themselves of this tension.

At the moment, this kitchen robot costs as much as an average house in the UK. According to the sales report, once this domestic robot becomes famous and more buyers are enticed by it, the prices will gradually go down.

Given how innovative and advanced this robot is, it only makes sense that it comes at a hefty price in the present. Having a robot is a big deal, and most would like to invest in it if they have what it takes.

Final Thoughts

The speed of these advancing technologies is superb. Almost every day we hear news about a robot that changes the way humans work. If Moley the kitchen robot gains its ultimate success, it will soon gain control over our kitchens.